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Shed Light

Is your shed, garage or barn too dark and stuffy to comfortably use? Reduce your dependency on electric lights and switch to our large translucent skylight vents that allow natural light and air to enter your shed. Our affordable vinyl shed light roof vents are an easy way to introduce sunlight into the darkest of areas as well as allowing a perfect vent for hot air and fumes. With a wide flange design, the easy installation prevents leaks and roof damage. These are the perfect solution you've been searching for in your quest for more light and more ventilation. You'll be amazed at how effective these skylight vents can be at illuminating and venting your shed. You'll stay safer from dangerous fumes from building up in your shed or garage with these vents in place. VentMyHouse.com gives you a great selection of the high quality shed, garage and barn skylight vents you've been looking for.