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Published 1st of February 2013

The first two things that come to mind for most people when they think of in home ventilation are the two vents we see and hear nearly every day; your range hood and your bathroom fan. We see the unwanted air drawn away from the source, but where does this unwanted waste end up? Understanding where can help preserve your home and ensure better air quality for your family.

Where Should I Vent Unwanted Air?

Unwanted air, such as steam from your bathroom or dryer, or fumes from your cooking surface, should be vented directly out of your house. Venting this type of air into another area such as your attic can lead to health hazards in your home such as mold and buildup of other unwanted toxins, and structural damage such as dry rot and damage to your rafters and roof sheeting. 

What Products Should I Use to Ensure These Areas are Properly Ventilated?

In all cases, make sure you are utilizing our line of fire resistant flexible hoses and their accompanying intakes and outlets to vent unwanted air safely out of your home.

Contact the customer service experts at ventmyhouse.com to discuss these and any other ventilation concerns in your home.