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Are you looking for specialized round soffit vents to replace your old soffit vents or to increase the amount of ventilation for your attic? Choosing to go with round soffit vents provides a very pleasing and natural look to your soffits and allow for great ventilation to keep moisture and hot air moving through and not collecting in your attic. VentMyHouse.com has a great selection of soffit vents including several colors like black, brown, mill and white finishes. Also choose the ideal style for your home's needs. We sell a great variety of louver styles as well as several different sizes of screen designs that keep insects out and air flowing freely.

We have several different styles to choose from. You choose to use our simple round louver soffit vents with tabs to secure its installation and without insect screens or our more robust units with a snap in construction and built in insect screen to protect your home from nesting insects. We also have round aluminum versions without the louver design and only the insect screen to allow maximum airflow and still protect against insects.