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Dryer/Bathroom Fan Wall Caps

Our bathroom wall vents are specifically designed to allow hot moist air out while preventing cold air from entering from the outside. These bathroom exhaust vent caps are designed to be subtle in the overall look of your home and almost become invisible. Easy to install, our bathroom exhaust fan caps adapt to 4 inch ducting or flex hose. Look to VentMyHouse.com for affordable bathroom exhaust vents.

When using a high quality bathroom wall vent cap like ours, you'll find that drafts stay away since these vents exit through your soffit. This is a perfect solution to avoid cutting through your homes walls or roof which can lead to a much higher chance of water penetrating your home and causing water damage. A soffit exhaust also has the benefit of being hard to see while still working as effectively as the other options. You'll love how easy the installation is with our bathroom soffit exhaust vent.